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Portable Power Supply Solution
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Take Sunwoda Energy Outside
Outdoor Lifestyle with Uninterrupted Power

As one of the industry leaders in energy storage, Sunwoda Energy offers a portable power supply solution to fulfill the uninterrupted power needs of outdoor life and mobile living. By allowing solar charging efficiency and accessibility on or off the grid, Sunwoda portable power stations encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors and mobile lifestyle sustainably and build a better future for the generations to come.
  • Clean
    Supporting Solar Charging, Sunwoda mobile power supply consumes clean energy for a healthy planet
  • Portable
    A portable power station with a lightweight and compact design is essential for you to unlock outdoor exploration
  • Compatible
    High compatible output design allows charging multiple electronic devices at the same time
  • Long Endurance
    Huge capacity and long-lasting battery technology are ample for powering up everything from smartphones to drones
  • Safe & Reliable
    The built-in battery protection system guarantees a perfect balance of safe and reliable charging
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Unlock Mobile Living and Embrace Outdoor Exploration

Sunwoda portable power stations will be your best partner in any off-grid situation. Features like high capacity, and compact and lightweight design will always give you complete peace of mind on the go and enable you to live off the grid comfortably.

How Sunwoda Portable Power Station Works
sunwoda portable power station
Scene display
Your ideal portable power source for an adventure on the go
road triping with a vehicle
Road Trip
Sunwoda portable power stations make traveling more convenient and worry-free during your road trips.
people gathering around bonfire
Outdoor Activities
Powering projectors, lights and speakers, and start an outdoor party with ease
a man working with a computers
Mobile office
Charge your computers, iPads, and mobile phones anytime and anywhere to get your work done
father and kid in a tent
Backup Power for Emergency
In emergencies such as power outages or sudden voltage drops, Sunwoda protable power stations will protect you from inconvenience or dangers
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