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Data Center UPS Solution
——Data Center Power Backup

No Downtime with Sunwoda
Reliable Backup Power to Keep You Online

To reduce the risk of downtime, and equipment damage, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system has become a mission-critical component for data center infrastructures. Our data center power backup batteries are designed to be responsive, scalable, and energy-efficient to meet the growing power needs of data centers.
  • Universal
    Sunwoda data center power backup batteries can directly replace lead acid batteries, allowing no need for another custom development of UPS
  • Smart
    Modular design allows easier maintenance and mixed-use with new and old batteries
  • Reliable
    Highly reliable PACK design allows multiple reliability tests
  • High Discharge Rate
    A 4C discharge rate at maximum allows our data center batteries to meet 15-minute backup power demand
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Don't Let Your Data Center Go Dark

What needs to be done to keep data centers running 24/7 is a power supply solution that is reliable, scalable, and custom-fitted. Sunwoda data center power backup solution can be compatible with the 1KVA-800KVA UPS/HVDC backup power demand and can be widely used in various medium and large data centers and edge data centers.

How Sunwoda Data Center UPS Solution Works
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Avoid data loss and network failures, and keep your businesses online 24/7
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