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A residential energy storage system is a Lithium-ion battery (the most commonly used type) combined with solar or wind power systems and connected to the grid, allowing homeowners to store excess energy for later consumption. Take solar energy as an example, Sunwoda Energy's residential ESS can store electricity generated during the day by solar PV panels and power your home or electric vehicle (EV) during gloomy, rainy days, or after the sun sets. Our home ESS will be your first and last step to achieving energy independence, reducing electricity bills, providing backup power during a blackout or emergency, and decarbonizing the grid.
sunwoda residential energy storage system sunwoda residential energy storage system
  • Clean
    Electrical self-consumption allows you to take control of your home energy and maximize clean energy usage
  • Flexible
    High scalability allows our residential ESS to store and provide 5kWh to 60kWh of usable energy
  • Economic
    A cutting-edge household battery storage system is here for your to use clean solar energy 24/7 and shrink your electricity bill
  • Smart
    Homeowners can control and monitor Sunwoda residential ESS via APP anytime and anywhere
  • Safe & Reliable
    A safe household battery storage system based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells, the safest cell type with fire-proof features, is key to ensuring your quality family time
A Smart Home Energy Storage System on Your Mobile Devices

With a smart, intuitive and user-friendly APP, you can now manage your home's energy production, storage, and consumption at home or on the go from any mobile device (Android, iOS, and Web).

Power your home from maximized solar energy and low-cost grid energy, and control and optimize your battery reserves for power outages or extreme weather events.

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How Sunwoda Residential ESS Works
sunwoda energy storage system operation principle
Scene display
A more affordable, clean and safe residential energy storage system
a roof with PV panels and wind power stations
Energy Storage for Homes
Store electricity generated by solar PV panels or wind power generation and keep your home appliance running 24/7
a house PV panels in the daytime and at night
Peak Shaving
Charge Sunwoda residential batteries with solar panels when electricity rates are low and discharge them at night to avoid paying peak prices
Energy Storage for Traveling
Sunwoda portable power stations charged by solar generators enable complete energy independence for travelers
a mom and a kid in emergencies
Backup power for Emergency
In emergencies such as power outage or sudden voltage drops, Sunwoda residential batteries will protect you from inconvenience or dangers
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