sunwoda smart energy system

Build a clean,
efficient and reliable
energy supply system

Program features
A new generation of integrated energy service system
  • Flexible
    Satisfy diverse energy demand for users in different regions
  • High utilization
    Fully utilize power generation with multi-energy complementary system and improve energy efficiency
  • self-control
    Optimize self-control of distributed generation for important loads
  • Economic
    Lower electricity bills and add more value to products and services
sunwoda smart energy system
Intelligent Energy

Through distributed energy generation, energy storage, cogeneration of cold, heat and electricity, intelligent energy management and smart grid, the integrated energy service system of the park with multiple complementary functions is constructed.

Intelligent Energy Solution
sunwoda energy storage system operation principle
Scene display
Intelligent Energy Solution
sunwoda smart energy system for Distributed energy generation
Distributed energy generation
sunwoda smart energy system for Optical storage system
Optical storage system
sunwoda smart energy system for Electricity co-supply
Electricity co-supply
sunwoda smart energy management system
Platform display
Energy Management Platform

Energy management platform is a multi-distributed energy control center in the industrial park. Through real-time perception of cold/heat/electrical load and monitoring process in production, the energy production and load demand can be accurately predicted to achieve multi-objective optimaloperation.

The platform realizes life-cycle management of equipment by monitoring real-time operating status remotely, precise alarm position and quick troubleshooting. With the big data analytics, the platform can optimize control strategies in real time, and implement digital management of park assets.

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