C&I Energy Storage System NoahX L344

C&I Energy Storage System NoahX L344

It can apply to demand regulation and peak shifting and C & I energy storage, etc.
Feature Description
Based on intelligent liquid cooling technology, Sunwoda Outdoor Liquid Cooling Cabinet is a compact energy storage system with modular and fully integrated. It is designed for easy deployment and configuration to meet various application requirements, including flexible peak shaving, renewable energy integration, frequency/voltage regulation, arbitrage, T&D enhancement, micro-grid function, backup power, etc. To ensure the system runs safely, the system adopts LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries with 4 to 8 battery packs,  liquid cooling systems, fire suppression systems,  monitoring systems and auxiliary systems to provide flexible usage in 500~1500V DC voltage connection. Both IEC and UL standards are applicable to this system. The all-in-one designed outdoor cabinet could be applied in commercial, industrial, and utility-scale projects, including centralized or distributed power plants, industrial and commercial parks, intelligent buildings, communities, PV & storage & charging stations, and other scenarios
Less LCOS within life span
LCOS decreased up to 20% for the entire life
High energy density
Back-to-back or left and right installation saving a footprint above 50%.
High system safety
High safety LFP battery is selected with UL9540A test.Fire detection and pack level fire suppression system with combustible gas linkage ventilation and explosion panel design on the roof.
Easily configurable and scalable
All-in-one design with liquid cooled battery rack pre-installed and a plug and play interface for auxiliarypower supply, communication, and DC connection
Shorter deployment time
Fully tested before delivery, easy to transport and less on-site installation.
What can we use it for
clean energy
C&I energy storage applications
outdoor battery cabinet
Cooperate with small renewable energy power generation
outdoor battery cabinet
User side response
outdoor battery cabinet
Integrated energy management for C&I park
Understand its internal structure in detail
  • Rated capacity
  • RTE @DC Side(0.5CP)
  • Rated Voltage
  • Working Temperature
  • Working Relative Humidity
    0~100%(no condensation)
  • Storage Temperature
  • Cell cycle Life
    8000 times
  • Cooling Method
    Liquid cooling (water and glycol mix)
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Communication Interface
  • Communication Protocol
    Modbus/IEC 61850
  • Altitude
    ≤3000m(derating above 3000m)
  • Standard @ Compliance
  • Protection Rating
  • Fire Suppression System
    Pack level clean gas agent fire suppression +combustible gas detection and ventilation linkage+deflagration relief panel
  • Dimensions (W*D*H)
  • Weight
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