sunwoda utility scale battery storage

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solution
——Battery Energy Storage System

We Transform Renewables into 24/7 Energy Source

By storing any excess renewables and smoothing out the energy output, large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable variable energy shifting and ensure power supply is available and sufficient when needed. Sunwoda's large-scale energy storage solution involves the use of state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technologies, fire suppression systems, liquid cooling units, monitoring systems, etc. to reliably store energy on a utility level. It is designed to improve resilience, reliability, and efficiency for renewable energy storage and has demonstrated field-proven performance in various application scenarios.
  • Modular Design
    Allowing faster deployment, easier maintenance and easier transportation for battery storage projects
  • Small Footprint
    As compact as a 20ft container, our battery energy storage system features higher density, which means fewer containers will be required in deployment.
  • Wide Applicability
    Designed for various energy-shifting applications, such as energy storage in power generation, smart load management in power transmission, and peak shaving and valley filling
  • Long life
    Excellent liquid cooling technology guarantees a 20-year calendar battery life with proper maintenance
  • High Safety
    Cutting-edge fire suppression systems and explosion prevention systems ensure security for operation and deployment
grid scale battery storagegrid scale battery storage
Join Sunwoda in Achieving Carbon Neutral Goal

Utility-scale battery storage is playing a vital role in the next stage of the global energy transition and in achieving carbon neutrality. To make its contribution to the next generation of decarbonized electricity systems, Sunwoda has addressed the hour‐to‐hour variability of clean electricity generation on the grid. Smoothly integrated with renewable generators, our utility-scale batteries help to provide clean, reliable, and cheaper power in grids and to off-grid communities.

Balancing Decarbonization and Electrification
How Sunwoda Utility-Scale BESS Works
sunwoda energy storage system operation principle
Scene display
A Utility-Scale Energy Storage System That is Always Uninterrupted, Reliable and Guaranteed
sunwoda utility scale battery storage for power generation
Energy Storage in Power Generation
As a system integrated with energy storage technology and renewable generation technology, BESS can provide energy storage and power output management in power generation.
sunwoda grid scale energy storage
Grid-Side Energy Storage
BESS provides smart load management for power transmission and distribution, and timely peak and frequency regulation based on the load situation of the grid.
sunwoda utility scale battery storage consumption side
User-Side Energy Storage
BESS provides peak valley arbitrage and stable power supply management in the process of power consumption.
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