sunwoda residential energy storage system Atrix series

Modular Lithium-ion Battery Sunwoda Atrix Series

Easy to install and plug-and-play
Take Control of Your Power with the Atrix Series

Household energy storage system Atrix series is a green, efficient, advanced, and safe energy supply system that can reduce your electricity bill by storing excess clean energy generated by the solar panel, or energy from the grid during off-peak hours. It is mainly used for residential self-generation, peak shaving and valley filling, emergency power backup, and power optimization in residential and commercial buildings. The Atrix series can be expanded from 5kWh to 40kWh, allowing homeowners to build their own energy storage system flexibly.
Flexible application
Modular and cabinet installation
Easy to install
With a modular, lightweight, and plug-and-play design, the Atrix series only takes 1-2 people to install
Excellent Performance at Low Temperature
The Atrix series can be 100% DOD and can operate at -10℃ without any limitation or attenuation
Real-Time Monitoring
Homeowners can control and monitor their Atrix series via APP anytime and anywhere
Sunwoda Inside, Power Your Life
Take One Step Closer to Energy Independence with the Atrix Series
solar energy
Use Clean Energy 24/7 at Home
Coupled with renewable generators, such as solar panels, the Atrix Series can provide energy during the night or when the grid fails, powering your appliances and devices and reducing the reliance on the grid.
home energy storage app
Home Energy Management at Your Fingertips
With a smart, intuitive, and user-friendly APP, homeowners can easily get a clear overview of energy production and consumption at home or on the go from any mobile device (Android, iOS, and Web).
Reduce electricity bills
Shrink Your Electricity Bill
You can charge your Atrix Series by using solar panels during off-peak hours, and use the cheapest electricity source at night or during peak hours, avoiding paying peak-time prices.
a house with solar panels
Automatic switching between on/off grid
The Atrix series can be used for various application scenarios. No matter whether you are at home or on an island.
sunwoda residential energy storage system Atrix series
Modular and Cabinet Design for Flexible Installation
The Atrix Series is a modular home energy storage system that can be expanded from 5kWh to 40kWh, allowing homeowners to build their own energy storage system flexibly.
clean energy
Build a Low-Carbon Home
Home battery energy storage plays a pivotal role in a low-carbon home. Now, we have residential ESS solutions available to help you contribute to energy savings and create a more sustainable and prosperous future for ourselves and the generations to come.
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