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Sunwoda Launches China’s First C&I Energy Storage System Integrated with 314Ah Cells

Oct 30,2023

On October 29th, Sunwoda Energy, a global leading provider of energy storage solutions, launched its latest 261KWh C&I (Commercial and Industrial) energy storage solution, the SUPER Series. It is the first C&I energy storage system integrated with 314Ah high-capacity cells in China.

The SUPER series represents a breakthrough in C&I energy storage technology. Powered by 314Ah cells with an exceptional cycle life of 12,000 cycles, this system boasts an energy density increase of more than 12% and a remarkable reduction in electricity costs of more than 15%. Sunwoda's utilization of high-capacity cells for C&I applications sets a new industry standard, driving innovation and ushering C&I energy storage into an era of remarkable technological transformation.

Sunwoda 261KWh commercial and industrial energy storage system

SUPER Long-life & High-capacity Cells for Maximizing Returns

The new generation Super C&I energy storage system employs 314Ah LFP energy storage cells. As China’s first product to integrate these high-capacity cells into C&I energy storage, Sunwoda has achieved a 12% increase in energy density and an impressive cycle life of up to 12,000 cycles. Conventional industrial and commercial energy storage products have a lifespan of 9 years, whereas the new system from Sunwoda is designed to have a lifespan of 15 years, which will significantly enhance economic benefits.

Sunwoda 261KWh commercial and industrial energy storage system

SUPER Integration Technology for Elevating Reliability

The SUPER series incorporates a five-layer safety design, including double-insulated safety measures for cells, intelligent monitoring and detection, PACK-level fire prevention and directional explosion suppression, subsystem restraint, and system safety design. By integrating safety features across individual components and the entire system, Sunwoda ensures the battery system's safety, stability, and reliable operation, effectively preventing loss of control, fires, and explosions.

SUPER Intelligent Platform for Optimization for Returns and Safety

Sunwoda has revolutionized C&I energy services by offering a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and a Digital Twin Platform. The VPP platform enables C&I energy storage systems to participate in demand response, power ancillary services, and spot electricity trading, providing customers with additional profit growth opportunities beyond peak shaving and valley filling. Furthermore, the Digital Twin Platform tracks and evaluates battery cell conditions throughout their lifecycle, offering early warnings, reducing failure risks, enhancing safety performance, and extending the operational lifespan of energy storage stations.

Sunwoda 261KWh commercial and industrial energy storage system

SUPER Comprehensive Services from Technology to Solutions

With independent research, development, and production capabilities spanning cells, BMS, PACK, EMS, and the entire system, Sunwoda provides comprehensive technical support. This includes energy planning, distributed generation technology, efficient data center cooling technology, and supercharging technology. In terms of solutions, Sunwoda leverages its expertise in smart energy project implementation to deliver zero-carbon industrial park solutions based on Source-Grid-Load-Storage and zero-carbon smart travel solutions based on Photovoltaic-Storage-Charging-Replacing.

The launch of Sunwoda's SUPER series heralded a new era in the industrial and commercial energy storage industry. Currently, Sunwoda has accumulated hundreds of projects on the user side, implementing demonstration applications in various markets, including China, Europe, North Africa, and Japan. These projects have helped customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote energy transition.

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