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Mobile World Exhibition MWC Spain

Mar 01,2022

From February 28th to March 3rd, the MWC World Mobile Congress, organized by GSMA, was grandly held at the Barcelona Exhibition Center, Spain. More than 1,500 exhibitors from 150 countries around the world participated in this event. Sunwoda made a stunning appearance with its cost-effective communication base station and data center backup power solutions.

The MWC conference is organized by GSMA. The main venue is held in Barcelona, Spain every year. It has grown into the world's most influential exhibition in the field of mobile communications, and is the best choice for Chinese mobile communications companies to enter the European market. As an overall solution provider of network energy battery, Sunwoda's network energy battery product voltage ranges from 48V-512V, which can cover various communication base stations and data center backup power scenarios. Among them, the 48V battery product capacity covers 50Ah-150Ah, which can be widely used in various macro station and micro station backup power scenarios. The battery specification of the data center can meet the 1KVA-800KVA UPS/HVDC backup power requirements, and can be widely used in various medium and large Data Centers and Edge Data Centers.

With the return of the global economy, industry digitization has become a new engine for economic development. Green and low carbon is the common vision of human society, and ICT technology plays an increasingly important role in it. As a technical strength, Sunwoda has been deeply involved in the European market for many years, and has established cooperation with customers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and other countries to provide them with advanced products and solutions. In the future, Sunwoda will continue to adhere to the development mission of "technology-oriented, quality-oriented, service-oriented", based on the energy industry, continue to innovate, actively expand new fields of network energy, strive to implement the "dual carbon" policy, and aspire to become the industry's first-class Energy storage product provider and system solution service provider.

Barcelona Exhibition Center · 1G20 Sunwoda Pavilion

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