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Solar Power International 2019

Sep 24,2019

Solar Power International 2019 will be held from September 24 to 26 at salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Sunwoda Energy will be present at the event as scheduled. SPI is currently the largest and most influential photovoltaic exhibition in North America.

At the exhibition site, Sunwoda Energy's power grid Energy storage solutions attracted the attention of many visitors with its world-class r&d, production and manufacturing strength in lithium-ion battery modules, and the booth was very popular. At the same time, the products exhibited by Sunwoda are also quite bright spots, including lithium iron phosphate energy storage system (LFP BESS) suitable for power grid energy storage, and Outdoor Cabinet suitable for industrial and commercial energy storage scene, which attracted a large number of professional visitors to consult during the exhibition.

The B1F26/7.7 energy storage battery module on display adopts standard modular design, which has the advantages of long cycle life, high specific energy, wide applicable environmental conditions and easy maintenance. It can be integrated into lithium battery energy storage products in various scenarios. Reliable and high-quality LFP cell with excellent PACK design, the whole process adopts intelligent manufacturing, high consistency of battery module, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency of energy storage system. At present, the product has passed IEC, UN38.3 and other relevant certification.

Sunwoda da attaches great importance to product research, during the exhibition launched an Outdoor Cabinet energy storage products Outdoor Cabinet, the product uses modular integration design, to lithium iron phosphate battery as a medium, battery voltage is 600V- 876V, and a single 60kW and the following power energy storage converter energy storage system. The whole system adopts advanced thermal design control, intelligent BMS management, flexible product installation, convenient operation and maintenance, with standardized production. The product can be widely used in distributed industrial and commercial energy storage scenarios, and can meet the needs of power system for special load power supply, the product was highly recognized by the guests.

The US energy storage market is currently the world's leading market in terms of development scale and maturity, and the US is also the world's second largest photovoltaic market. The U.S. installed 2.7GW of PV capacity in Q1 in 2019, up 10% year on year, with a cumulative installed capacity of 67GW. The development of the US market has always been stable and rising, and it is expected that the market potential of PV + energy storage will be huge in the future.

Sunwoda has always taken the American market as an important link in the construction of global channels. Sunwoda deeply cultivates the American market, excavates the high quality products and the leading technology, and continuously brings the cleaner products and services with better electricity cost to customers.

Mr. Wang Jialiang, senior Manager of Overseas sales at Sunwoda Integrated Energy, said, "The US is an important pv + energy storage market, with not only the right climate but also high growth market potential. "With the Sunwoda High performance battery module, the company will continue to build brand recognition throughout North America to provide customers with efficient, reliable and stable energy storage systems and solutions."

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