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Solar & Storage Live 2019

Sep 17,2019

Solar& StorageLive 2019 was held at NEC Exhibition Hall in Birmingham from 17th to 19th September. Aiming at multiple market segments of energy storage in the UK, Sunwoda has made a wonderful appearance with home energy storage integrated machine, energy storage battery module and a full range of energy storage solutions. Sunwoda's efficient, innovative and intelligent products and solutions prove the strength of "Made in China" and are well received by local customers.

Classic models steal the British market

In response to the growing market demand for auxiliary new energy interconnection in the UK, The NEO 5075 household energy storage system exhibited by Sunwoda perfectly integrates the three characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence and reliability. The product integrates battery system, inverter, BMS and EMS, and adopts high voltage module to achieve high energy density and long power generation time. Connect to exclusive APP (compatible with iOS and Android platforms), power consumption is clear; User-friendly, easy to install; At the same time, low noise operation, is the ideal choice for quiet home environment. The product has the function of virtual power plant, maximizes the use of clean and economical energy, so that your home can enjoy round-the-clock uninterrupted power supply. This model has passed UL certification, integrating efficient power generation, safe electricity storage, smart electricity consumption, real-time energy monitoring, centralized information management, showing Sunwoda to build a complete new energy ecosystem, building a picture of smart life.

Core technology to support excellent quality

Sunwoda is a leading manufacturer of battery modules in China. With strong competitive advantages, it has been deeply engaged in the field of energy storage modules for many years. It has been continuously investing in product research and development and building innovation system to keep leading products with product-driven and differentiated technologies. The NEO Pro battery modules are small in size and easy to install and operate. Equipped with reliable and high-quality LFP cell, through a variety of combinations, can meet a variety of electricity needs; At the same time products to provide professional technical consulting projects.

Cultivate local services

According to statistics released by the UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), solar power generation in the UK is expected to grow to 16GW by 2021 and 18GW by 2023, with huge potential for development. It is to see the huge potential of the market, we have pleasure in wanda increased investment in the UK market, actively looking for a competitive partners, to carry out the localization business, we have pleasure in wanda attaches great importance to the British market of the project the accumulation of experience, with hin wanda energy storage products gradually into the UK market, hope a good user experience will become customers trusted brand of cooperation. In the future, Sunwoda will also seek breakthroughs in technology, and improve its product strength and service strength to promote the effectiveness of the brand. To bring efficient, intelligent and reliable products and solutions to the UK market to help promote clean energy in the UK. Up to now, Sunwoda home energy storage products have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions around the world.

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