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From August 23rd to 25th, SUNWODA will appear at InterSolar South America 2022

Aug 24,2022

From August 23rd to 25th, InterSolar South America 2022 was successfully held at Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sunwoda Energy attended the meeting with Residential, Portable and Utility solutions.

Sunwoda Energy, The Global Top10 Battery Manufactuer, which provides Residential, C&I, Utility, and Data Center Energy Storage Solutions for billions of users.

Sunwoda SunESS series brings storage solutions to European and American customers with safe performance and first-class quality. It can be expanded from 5KWh to 60KWh according to demand, and is compatible with single-phase, split-phase and three-phase power solutions.

At the same time, the NoahX (liquid -cooling Battery Container System), which pioneered new technology in the industry, also appeared at the exhibition. Its capacity can reach 3.44MWh, and the battery life cycle can be extended by more than 20%. The battery cluster modular unit consists of standard rack-based battery module (battery pack) and a comprehensive multi-level battery management system (BMS).

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